San Francisco Removal Proceedings Lawyer

Helping To Stop Deportation In California Immigration Courts

Facing removal proceedings can be a frightening experience. You may have a relative in custody awaiting a bond hearing at this very moment. They don’t know what to expect or what is going to happen to them. I can help in getting your relative released at a bond hearing and/or get the bail bond reduced if the person is eligible. The process is complicated and there are many rules to follow to protect the person in custody, or you. At the Law Office of Marcia I. Perez, I can fight for you. There are many potential strategies for protecting your right to stay in the United States. You need an experienced San Francisco removal proceedings attorney on your side. To speak with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer, contact my office by e-mail or call toll free at 888-712-4012.

Your Options

There are many situations that can cause you to face deportation. In some cases, a criminal accusation can land you in police custody and lead to a removal hearing. If you were seeking an adjustment of status and had your visa petition denied, the USCIS can immediately begin removal proceedings against you. You may be accused of marriage fraud and face removal on those grounds. However your situation arose, it is important to choose an attorney who has experience with complex immigration and litigation issues in removal cases.

My Approach

I have often found success where other attorneys have failed. I care about my clients and work hard to find the right approach to help them remain in the United States. When we meet, I will analyze your history and discuss your options. My goal is to obtain a cancellation or termination of the removal proceedings against you, or any other form of relief whenever possible. Whatever your situation, I will give you honest, straightforward advice. Depending on your case, you might be able to seek asylum. In some situations, voluntary departure may end up being the best option. I will always do my best to serve your interests.

If you are facing removal proceedings, please contact my office online or call toll free at 888-712-4012.